The West Highland Wayruns almost one hundred miles through the Western Highlands of Scotland. This well-travelled hiking trail is steeped in myth and bloody legend; battles, uprisings and violent clan rivalries. At the mouth of Glencoe, the site of an infamous massacre in 1692, sits asmall whitewashed cottage-Lagangarbh. The cottage sits at the foot of Bauchaille Etive Mor–the most photographed mountain in Scotland, opposite 'the devils staircase' so named by the Jacobite soldiers who hauled canons up it's steep terrain.
The West Highland Way evokes an awareness of story and place existing in tandem. Approaching this isolated chair I was filled with a sense of dread. Who sat here and what were they contemplating? ‘The Landscape of Murder’ by Antonio Olmos lead me to contemplate how locations become possessed by emotional energies.
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