In Progress - Left outside and exposed to the elements for over a month, the tampons pictured underwent little change. It is commonly known that, in rare cases, tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome. What is much less known is that the fibres used to bind these products are a source of common infection in their own right; leaving trace physical contaminants inside the body which then gather bacteria. The design of menstrual products has barely evolved since the 1930s, when tampons were first made available to the general public. 
Across the generational spectrum, misinformation, poor communication and period taboo persists. This entirely natural, miraculous function of female bodies continues even today to be shrouded in embarrassment, made a subject of ridicule and hidden; leaving the Woman alienated within a society that inaccurately portrays and censors the realities of the female experience.
The lack of progression is a reminder that the human world seems unconcerned with designing for 49.6% of its’ inhabitants.

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